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The Republican governor nominated Brent Davis of Skowhegan; Tammy Ham-Thompson of Gardiner; Stephen Nelson of Houlton; and Lea-Anne Sutton of Gorham. Nelson is a lawyer and partner at the Houlton-based firm, Severson, Hand and Nelson, where he specializes in family law, small business representation, civil litigation and estate planning. He is contracted to provide legal representation to victims of domestic abuse through the Houlton Band of Maliseet Indians domestic violence program. “As I understand it, there are four vacancies that are being filled with new nominees,” Nelson said Monday. “The governor nominates people for the vacancies and his selections for the active retired positions. The nominees are posted in Augusta and a confirmation hearing is conducted by the Judiciary Committee of the Legislature.  After the Judiciary Committee votes on the nominees, the nominees are referred to the Senate for final confirmation. Once confirmed, the governor swears in the appointees.” LePage also handed down his nominations for active retired judges on the District Court, including Judge Andrew G. Janelle of Saco; Judge Bernard G. O’Mara of Dyer Brook; and Judge Patricia G. Worth of Belfast. Mara has served on the Maine District Court since 2003, and previously worked as a private practice attorney.

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