By Fostering An Inclusive Culture, It Helps Employees Be Open To Sharing What Is Going On With Life, He Feels.

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Connect with employees: Raichur ensures employees know of his support and flexibility in personal matters. By fostering an inclusive culture, it helps employees be open to sharing what is going on with life, he feels. MrOwl is Raichur’s third internet startup. A lawyer by training, he co-founded and, online attorney and legal directories that built communities around legal information. At the time, information on attorneys was not disseminated in an organized way. The companies were sold to Internet Brands in 2010. When did you know you wanted to be a CEO? I wanted to even as I was a kid. I always loved business and the creation of things. You can’t be a leader unless you can inspire passion in people. The ideas for what’s next—how to make tech better and better. Look at how people are using your technology.

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